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Providing others with the skills and the necessary training to enable positive change.

We first opened our doors back in 2001 when we identified the need for a life coaching institute which offered a network of training and support for those in the industry. This drive enabled us to establish the Life Coaching Academy and offer those seeking to become a life coach with the highest quality services and qualifications to allow them to do their work to the best of their ability.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help guide and shape future coaches to be able to offer a truly valuable service in regards to personal development and enacting positive behaviour change. Offering a range of qualifications and opportunities for advancement, our academy has worked hard to become the leading resource for life coaches throughout Australia.

Do you have what it takes to become a coach?

Becoming a coach is an immensely rewarding experience which helps broaden your own outlook on life as well as positively influencing those around you. If you have the drive to help others improve their quality of life by serving as an inspirational, supportive and positive presence in their life, then our institute is for you.

As well as offering the means for our students to gain a diploma of life coaching, we also aim to serve as a portal for those looking for a coach in their area. Our extensive network of graduated and in-training coaches puts us in a unique position to pair you with highly trained individuals who are best suited to your specific requirements. This serves as a mutually beneficial relationship, as it allows us to support our coaches, even after graduating, and it allows us to provide a valuable service to those looking for a reliable coaching professional.

Our courses

We offer a number of different programs at our institute to help our students become a coach. Depending on the areas they wish to specialise in, these courses can be tailored to suit their specific requirements. Areas can be as varied as business management, to health and wellness coaching, and offer customised learning programs to equip you with the necessary learning tools. Other academy’s courses involve a more in-depth approach, such as our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses, which help to 're-program' an individual to encourage positive behavioural change. For more information on our programs, such as our Certificate IV in Coaching, or Diploma of Coaching click on the provided links.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

If you’re ready to become a qualified life coach, but would like to learn more about our life coaching institute, then feel free to give us a call and ask any questions you might have. Reach us on 1800 032 151 today.

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National Recognised Training Life Coaching Academy Accreditation

The Life Coaching Academy's 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching is the only course of its type in Australia that is nationally recognised and internationally accredited.


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Why Choose The Life Coaching Academy?

  • Nationally Recognised Qualifications
    National Recognised Training

    The following are our most popular courses and are Nationally Recognised:

    • 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching
    • BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business
  • Internationally Accredited Qualifications (ICF) ACTP. ICF & ACTP Accreditations
  • Enrol 365 days a year from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible, Interactive & Supportive Learning
  • Build your own program
  • Affordable payment plans


  • LCA Testimonial

    Thomas Kovacs
    Very happy to recommend the LCA to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach,just give them a call and they will work with you on how to make it happen...

  • LCA Testimonial

    Fenny Ang – Jakarta
    I find Life Coaching Academy a balance of a professional outfit and a close-knit community of fellow coaches-in-training.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Dave Forsyth
    I have enjoyed the course. It has opened up a few interesting topics and confirmed many points for myself.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Celeste Du Toit – South Africa
    Peter and the LCA bent over backwards to support me, and the turnaround time was always very quick, professional and complete.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Beverly Berelowitz
    I have found the Wellness Coaching Course very comprehensive & meaningful. I liked the fact it limits participation to 6 people because the conversations are deeper & more real when dealing with often very personal & sensitive material. I would HIGHLY recommend you do it! “ JUST DO IT

  • LCA Testimonial

    Zak Dikvert – New Zealand
    I highly recommend the LCA as your preferred coaching academic choice!

  • LCA Testimonial

    Vibeke Ostermark
    After much research into coaching institutions and speaking to other coaches about their experiences I decided on L.C.A the main reason being that it felt more authentic without lots of hard sell material added or pushiness.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Anne Cailleaux - France
    I can't recommend the LCA enough as it changed me in a beautiful way, I learned to push my own boundaries, face my fears and find the confidence to overcome in challenge that is coming in my way

  • LCA Testimonial

    Tracey Hovey
    I have spoken to other coaches recently who completed their qualifications at other institutions and it has reconfirmed to me that I made the right choice. I am so glad I trusted my instincts and went with the LCA. To be honest this course has changed my life!

  • LCA Testimonial

    I was impressed by the quality of the course material and the time frame you are given.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Michael Brooker – Singapore
    I have now signed up for the exec master program, because I just cant imagine not continuing this. 10 out of 10 to the LCA!

  • LCA Testimonial

    Mina Etminan
    The course was organised perfectly with online cutting edge facilities assisted by friendly and helpful staff members at all levels. I can only highly recommend it for whoever wishing to make a transformation in his/her life...

  • LCA Testimonial

    Mark Gleeson
    This is a course that will lead you to a career where you can help bring about positive change in the lives of others, and simultaneously feel the positive effects in your own.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Jackie Cooke – International Athlete
    Obtaining my life-coaching certificate from The Life Coaching Academy was a positive and progressive experience...

  • LCA Testimonial

    Paul Rinder
    Beyond the professionalism and support of LCA, the skills and experiences I attained from my studies enabled me to better understand and communicate with my friends, family and colleagues; a truly life changing experience...

  • LCA Testimonial

    Nadia Matthews - Hong Kong
    I only have positive things to say about my dealings with the LCA and I can’t wait to sign up for our next journey together! Thank you LCA for giving me the tools to make my dream a reality!

  • LCA Testimonial

    The academy support services were always there to give me encouragement and advice when I needed it. Thank you to the staff at the LCA.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Toleen Badawi – Saudi Arabia
    When I began my life coaching journey I have found support that made me stronger as a person, I have found an academy that believed in me and in my dream. I have found myself as a life coach.

  • LCA Testimonial

    John Reynolds
    Completing the course has been a major step in my career goals and I feel very empowered and confident with all the knowledge and strategies that I feel I have gained through my experience with the LCA.

  • LCA Testimonial

    Anne de Champlain - Canada
    I am excited with the options open to me as a result and would recommend the course to anyone who has a genuine desire to develop their skills and knowledge in coaching.

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