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PowerUp with NLP AUD$495 $495
Workplace Coaching AUD$495 $495
Executive Coaching AUD$495 $495
Wellness Facilitation AUD$495 $495
NLP Visualisation AUD$495 $495
Wellness Coaching (Prerequisite Wellness Facilitation) AUD$495 $495
Wellness Coaching (including Wellness Facilitation) AUD$850 $850
$250 3 X $200
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction AUD$500 $500
$250 1 X $250
Goal Mapping AUD$750 $750
$250 2 X $250
Public Speaking- The Inspiring Speaker AUD$1000 $1000
$250 4 X $200
Developing & Delivering a Workshop AUD$1000 $1000
$250 4 X $200
360 Degree Feedback AUD$500 $500
$250 1 X $250

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  • Monthly Payment Plan installments will be deducted from the credit card details given above
  • 3% transaction fee on Amex cards
  • Students must access the conference calls at their own cost. The conference system is free but telephone charges to reach the conference system are at the students own cost.
  • Please note any bank fees associated with NZ (exchange rates) to AUD are at the cost of the individual.
  • GST: These fees are GST exempt as this is a nationally accredited course.
  • Defaults: Interest will be charged for arrears. Enrolment deposits non refundable.


  • 1. Cancellations received in writing within 10 working days of enrollment will receive a full refund less deposit amount of all monies paid and cancellation of any ongoing payment plans where applicable.
  • 2. If cancellation is received after 10 days this will result in the full fees being charged and all payment plans being honored.
  • 3. Deposits are non refundable in all instances.
  • 4. The Life Coaching Academy cannot take responsibility for changes in student’s work commitments or personal circumstances.
  • 5. In the case of unforseen circumstances such as sickness, the full fee will be charged and the student will be transferred to another scheduled program.
  • 6. The Life Coaching Academy reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or change the training venue at any time. All programs have a minimum number of students to commence. Cancellation of courses will be made within seven days of commencement.
  • 7. The Life Coaching Academy accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to property or injury to a student.
  • 8. All information was current at the time of print and is subject to change without notice.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the payment conditions and refund/cancellation policy, I have read and understood the Student Information Handbook. I wish to enrol in the program indicated on this form.
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