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Who Becomes a Life Coach

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Who Becomes a Life Coach?

Those drawn to coaching have a passion for people-an innate desire to see individuals achieve results-and a drive to help, motivate, and inspire them. And, they experience a deep sense of satisfaction when they're able to make a positive difference in people's lives and careers.

A career in coaching allows you to do exactly what you love to do and what you're naturally good at, all while making a great living. Professional coaches see coaching as the ultimate "win-win" situation... helping others achieve their goals by working in a meaningful, purposeful, and lucrative profession.

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching focuses on where the individual is today and what they're willing to do to get where they want to be tomorrow. It involves impacting peoples' vision and values as well as helping them reshape their way of thinking, feeling, and acting - in other words, their way of being. It involves challenging and supporting people to achieve higher levels of performance while allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.

How Lucrative is a Career in Life Coaching?

Lucrative (adj.): producing a great deal of profit. [syn: profitable, profit-making, gainful, remunerative, moneymaking, paying, high-income, well paid, high-paying, bankable, cost-effective; productive, fruitful, rewarding, worthwhile, advantageous; thriving, flourishing, successful, booming, going]. Over 1.5 million searches are conducted online each month by individuals and companies looking for life, business, and executive coaches.

It's lucrative!...

Many Life Coaching Academy students have clients-and sometimes many paying clients-BEFORE they graduate. Why? Because the Life Coaching Academy's curriculum focuses a substantial portion of time on helping you build your own coaching practice through business development, branding/messaging, and marketing.

We understand that learning to coach and learning to market yourself as a coach requires two very different skill sets and processes. For the most part, those interested in becoming a coach are also attracted to the opportunity to work for themselves.

OK , so let's see whether YOU are destined to be a coach

How would you rate yourself in the following areas? For the most accurate results, be honest with yourself. You are the only one who will see the answers. Complete the questions and submit it for an assessment.

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1. Other people look to me for support and wisdom, plus they like to share their dreams and challenges with me.


2. I am able to temporarily set aside my needs and goals in the interest of helping others meet theirs.


3. Building rapport and developing a meaningful connection with others comes easily and quickly to me.


4. I appreciate how every individual is different and enjoy helping people find their own unique solutions.


5. Others tell me I am a good listener and comment on my abilities to be non-judgmental and non-critical.


6. I have a strong sense of values and act with integrity in both my personal and business life.


7. I have good instincts and intuition that I rely on to guide me especially in times of challenge and great stress.


8. I am not exactly where I want to be in life but I feel relatively balanced and I am consistently working on my own personal growth.


9. Being an independent professional in my own practice and in business for myself satisfies one of my major life goals.


10. I am prepared to dedicate myself to learn as much as I can about coaching and I am willing to invest in myself to receive the proper training and experience.


Recognition & Accreditations

National Recognised Training

The following are our most popular courses and are Nationally Recognised:

  • 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching
  • BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business

Life Coaching Academy Accreditation

The Life Coaching Academy's Professional Coach programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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  • Very happy to recommend the LCA to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach,just give them a call and they will work with you on how to make it happen...
  • I find Life Coaching Academy a balance of a professional outfit and a close-knit community of fellow coaches-in-training.
  • I have enjoyed the course. It has opened up a few interesting topics and confirmed many points for myself.
  • Peter and the LCA bent over backwards to support me, and the turnaround time was always very quick, professional and complete.
  • I have found the Wellness Coaching Course very comprehensive & meaningful. I liked the fact it limits participation to 6 people because the conversations are deeper & more real when dealing with often very personal & sensitive material. I would HIGHLY recommend you do it! “ JUST DO IT
  • I highly recommend the LCA as your preferred coaching academic choice!
  • After much research into coaching institutions and speaking to other coaches about their experiences I decided on L.C.A the main reason being that it felt more authentic without lots of hard sell material added or pushiness.
  • I can't recommend the LCA enough as it changed me in a beautiful way, I learned to push my own boundaries, face my fears and find the confidence to overcome in challenge that is coming in my way

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