Karla Bridges

These services assist people to clarify goals, consider options for action, identify critical steps and commit to actions that will achieve these goals.
After more than 25 years as a communications and marketing professional in the private and public sector, I have finally achieved my long-time desire to choose work that is satisfying, gives me back some balance between my career and my personal life, and melds my skills and experiences with my deeply held view that everyone has the capacity to live an extraordinary life.
From my work as a mentor and facilitator to my employment as an executive level manager in the Australian Public Service, my greatest personally and professionally satisfying moments have been those when someone I’m coaching has realised that they are capable of more than they think they are, know more than they realise they do and understand with acute clarity what they really want from life and how they are going to achieve it.
It’s incredibly rewarding.
Several options are available through On Target Coaching:
On Target individual for people who what to enjoy the full coaching experience. The 1 hour sessions are conducted over Skype or the telephone and are offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
On Target Laser for people who have been coached previously, or who have a specific workplace issue they want to thrash out. These are half-hour sessions, conducted on a weekly or fortnightly basis over Skype or the telephone.
On Target Corporate which draws on my extensive management experience and offers tailored corporate packages based on clients’ specific needs.  
A range of complementary services is available through my other business, On Target Public Relations and Marketing.
When choosing a coach, you want someone you feel comfortable with, who you feel confident will work with you so you can identify what you want and how you’re going to get there….then cheer you on (and probably also give you a nudge) as you start!
And while coaching is definitely about you, I think it’s important that you know a little about me too.
I am a firm believer in living a balanced, ethical and authentic life.  
I have more than 25 years’ experience as a communications professional in the private and public sectors and have now achieved my long-time desire to work with people to realise their strengths and abilities, and achieve their goals.
My professional experience includes:
- Senior management positions at all levels of government  
- Overseeing the development and execution of strategies
- Being a change advocate – leading teams through formal structural changes and ongoing improvement processes
- Leading teams responsible for publications, online content, visual communication, corporate identity and branding, media relations, training, events, advertising and internal communications. I have also worked as a print and broadcast journalist.
I am curious and committed to always growing and learning and have:
- Qualifications in business administration, marketing, public relations, adult education and complex procurement
- Membership to the Australian Institute of Management (Associate Fellow status) and am a mentor with their 2016 mentoring program.

My three children are my greatest blessing and I am in awe of their beauty, strength and insight. Their journeys have not been easy but their growth from these experiences means they are remarkable human beings whose kindness and wisdom will leave a lasting impact on this earth

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QualificationsCertificate IV in Life Coaching Master of Business Administration Graduate Certificate in Marketing Bachelor of Arts (Communication) Bachelor of Primary Education Studies Certificate IV in T&A

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  • Very happy to recommend the LCA to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach,just give them a call and they will work with you on how to make it happen...
  • I find Life Coaching Academy a balance of a professional outfit and a close-knit community of fellow coaches-in-training.
  • I have enjoyed the course. It has opened up a few interesting topics and confirmed many points for myself.
  • Peter and the LCA bent over backwards to support me, and the turnaround time was always very quick, professional and complete.
  • I have found the Wellness Coaching Course very comprehensive & meaningful. I liked the fact it limits participation to 6 people because the conversations are deeper & more real when dealing with often very personal & sensitive material. I would HIGHLY recommend you do it! “ JUST DO IT
  • I highly recommend the LCA as your preferred coaching academic choice!
  • After much research into coaching institutions and speaking to other coaches about their experiences I decided on L.C.A the main reason being that it felt more authentic without lots of hard sell material added or pushiness.
  • I can't recommend the LCA enough as it changed me in a beautiful way, I learned to push my own boundaries, face my fears and find the confidence to overcome in challenge that is coming in my way

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