Philippa Rowlands

Starting, building and expanding a business can be a challenging and sometimes daunting task. There are lots of questions to answer, knowledge to gain and actions to take. It is easy to be initially be enthusiastic and positive, but when things just don't flow you can start to feel tired, frustrated and disappointed. It may be that the results you see just don’t measure up to the amount of energy you are putting in.

Working from a holistic perspective I provide the coaching support and wisdom to help you create a joyful, meaningful and profitable business without so much struggle and fatigue. If you have recognised your calling and now you want to devote time and energy to do what you love most then discovering how to have a happy relationship with your business can make all the difference.

As a Business Wisdom Coach I work with you to create a beautiful business in which you can thrive. If you can embrace a holistic, down-to-earth and intuitive approach, coupled with a healthy dose of accountability and practicality, then I can help you create the path to a business that you will love.

“It is always thrilling to me the power of the synergy between coach and client; that the coaching relationship can create more than either client or coach initially thought possible.”

About me
I have an eclectic business past having worked in education, marketing, coaching, mentoring, healing, the sciences and as a professional writer. I have now developed and am living the day-to-day beauty of a business that fits me just right. I have created strategies and nurtured a mind-set that allows me to find a graceful balance between home and work life. I pursue my business aspirations with calm and confidence and have the time and energy to love and laugh and play with my wonderful family. I cherish time on my own as well, to read, walk, create and garden and also simply relax with a cup of tea on the verandah. I have a passion for helping you achieve a relationship with your business that enables you to thrive and grow and develop.

Coaching Services

Relationships & Personal Issues , Goal Setting & Self Development , Stress Management , Business Issues , Motivation & Time Management , Health & Wellbeing , Spiritual
QualificationsCertificate IV ICF accredited,Graduate Certificate in Writing,Bachelor of Education (Language, Literature and Biology) Reiki Master ,Accredited Marriage Celebrant
Phone0432 862 113

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  • Very happy to recommend the LCA to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach,just give them a call and they will work with you on how to make it happen...
  • I find Life Coaching Academy a balance of a professional outfit and a close-knit community of fellow coaches-in-training.
  • I have enjoyed the course. It has opened up a few interesting topics and confirmed many points for myself.
  • Peter and the LCA bent over backwards to support me, and the turnaround time was always very quick, professional and complete.
  • I have found the Wellness Coaching Course very comprehensive & meaningful. I liked the fact it limits participation to 6 people because the conversations are deeper & more real when dealing with often very personal & sensitive material. I would HIGHLY recommend you do it! “ JUST DO IT
  • I highly recommend the LCA as your preferred coaching academic choice!
  • After much research into coaching institutions and speaking to other coaches about their experiences I decided on L.C.A the main reason being that it felt more authentic without lots of hard sell material added or pushiness.
  • I can't recommend the LCA enough as it changed me in a beautiful way, I learned to push my own boundaries, face my fears and find the confidence to overcome in challenge that is coming in my way

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